Louisa Fitzhardinge

Actor, Comedian, and Oxford Comma Enthusiast.

Comma Sutra CD

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Comma CDs.jpg

Comma Sutra CD


It’s Australia’s favourite grammatical musical comedy, now in handy-dandy take-home love-forever CD format! Every CD also comes with a unique download code so that you can download the songs directly to your device, sans CD burner. The future is now!

1. Grammar Makes Me Hot
2. Anything Goes
3. Dad Jokes
4. The Little Bookworm
5. Language That I Used to Know
6. German Rap
7. I’m a Grammarian*

*If you saw Comma Sutra before mid-2017, this is a bonus track!

Vocals/Glockenspiel: Louisa Fitzhardinge
Piano/Piano Accordion: Greg Lavell
Drums: Nick Robinson
Guitar: Caleb Garfinkel

CDs will be sent out in February. If you’d like yours earlier, come along to Comma Sutra’s upcoming Perth Fringe World season!

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